Washing Machine Hoses

One of the most common insurance claims related to water damage comes from an unlikely suspect: the hoses on your washing machine. Chances are good that your washing machine came with a simple, plain old rubber hoses. The problem is rubber expands and contracts. And overtime, it dries out and becomes brittle. So, it’s not a matter of if, but WHEN a hose will burst.

Here’s a simple solution that can save you the time and hassle that a ruptured hose can cause:

Replace your existing washing machine hoses with new stainless steel braided hose. Its mesh sleeve keeps the plastic tubing inside from expanding and retracting; extending the life of the hose. They’re available at most hardware stores, and you can do it yourself. Or, if you prefer, with one simple call Done Plumbing & Heating can put your mind at ease and install new hoses that are guaranteed not to burst.