Message from the Owner of Done Plumbing & Heating

We started done plumbing as a plumbing company that also did drains. Then we got into the heating business. We’ve been an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since we started in 1999. Our quality of our work is second to none.

We do the things a lot companies a lot of company’s don’t do. Our guys put booties on when they enter a residence or business They clean up their mess when they’re done if a mess is made.

We have varying guarantees depending upon the nature of the problem. Typically we guarantee our work for ninety days for drain cleaning, and for up to a year for plumbing repairs.

If we can’t fix problems, no charge for what we did. We give free second opinions, and we started doing that because we know that there are companies out there who try and sell people a sewer line for twenty thousand dollars or more that don’t even need to have this repair. So, we’ll go out and actually camera line inspect the line and if line is not open, we’ll try and open the line for free as a second opinion.

Our people know that they are not to try and sell anybody anything that they don’t need. That is a very strong point with us and always has been for the 33 years I’ve been in the business.

We just went over 50 employees. We have a very extensive interview process to go through, an extensive background check love our people come to have come to me all the time and tell me how much they love working here because it is a family oriented business.

Plumbers wanna come to work for us, but not very many are qualified. So, if you want quality work at a fair price, on time, you wanna use Done Plumbing.