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Prevent Property Damage & Reduce Your Risk of Sewer Backup

Like any other part of a home or commercial property, your sewer system needs to be actively maintained to avoid minor headaches and major problems.

As anyone who has dealt with sewer problems will tell you, the last thing you want to do is wait until it’s too late.

Proactive sewer line cleaning will identify potential problems, reduce your risk of property damage and prolong the life of your sewer system.

Our sewer line cleaning services include…

  • Sewer line inspections
  • Clearing of full and partial clogs, limescale, oils and other debris
  • Regularly scheduled sewer maintenance and cleaning
  • Safe, non-toxic chemical cleaning
  • Hydro-jetting (cleaning using highly pressurized water)
  • Video recordings of your sewer line for insurance or home buying purposes

Our technicians are fully licensed, insured and able to help you find the most appropriate and effective sewer line cleaning option for your home or business.

Did you know…

Many store-bought chemical cleaning products, including Draino® and Liquid-Plumbr®, can actually be harmful to your sewer lines!

These chemicals erode rubber washers that prevent sewer line leaks. For safe chemical cleaning, Done Plumbing & Heating uses non-toxic enzyme and bacteria-based cleaning products that break down organic waste naturally.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Very comprehensive”

At Done Plumbing, Gavin and Luis took time to understand the issue, and explain the causes and options. They did a thorough and complete cleaning. They were patient and helpful, not bothered by my questions or watching them work. Thank you gentlemen!
Paul M. – Centennial, CO

“Lots of experience…”

Darrel showed me what came out of the drain, he explained to me what I can do to keep my lines free from debris and even though I only had enough funds for the cleaning of the drains, he explained what I could do to keep them clear.
Linda H. – Aurora, CO

“Friendly, neat and clean”

The service was fast ( less than one hour) and the tech was friendly, neat and clean and made sure the area was better than when he arrived. Refer all my friends and clients that need plumbing and drain cleaning.
Ralph B. – Edgewater, CO

“What Happens When I Schedule an Appointment?”

  1. Scheduling Your Cleaning

    Call us any time, from 1:00am to 1:00 in the afternoon, and you’ll speak with a real person ready to answer your questions and schedule your appointment.
    We’ll schedule your sewer cleaning for the earliest available time, or you’re free to choose a day that’s most convenient for you. You’ll be given a 2-hour window to help you anticipate the arrival of our technician.

  2. Friendly Courtesy Calls

    At the beginning of your 2-hour window, one of our dispatchers will give you a call to let you know the technician’s anticipated arrival time.
    When the technician is on his way to your home or business, dispatch will give you one more courtesy call to let you know we’re coming.

  3. Inspection and Assessment

    Upon arrival, our technician will conduct a thorough assessment of your sewer line problem, being sure to point out and explain any obstructions or areas of concern.
    If it is a routine inspection, we’ll explain any charges before we begin.
    If we’re providing a free second opinion, you’ll be asked to share the invoice from our competitor in order for us to waive the inspection charges.
    Based on the problems identified, the technician will present you with the appropriate cleaning options and pricing for you to evaluate.
    When you’ve chosen an option that’s best for you, our technician will get to work cleaning your sewer line, taking every precaution to protect your property in the process.

  4. Final Sign-Off

    Upon completion of your cleaning, our technician will explain the work they’ve done, tidy up their work area and collect payment. They may also share helpful advice you can use to prevent sewer line problems in the future.
    Once the technician has left, we’ll follow-up with a quick call to ask how our service was and make sure your problem has been solved to your satisfaction.

“How is a Sewer Cleaned?”

The tools and techniques used to clean your sewer will depend on your sewer system and the type of materials it is exposed to.

Snaking a Line

This sewer cleaning method is used when roots and other physical debris are obstructing your pipes.

A snake with a blade attachment is used to grind up and clear the debris.

Non-Toxic Chemical Clean

Built-up waste and biological debris is removed using enzyme or bacteria-based cleaners that do not damage your sewer line.

These types of chemicals are essential for septic tanks, but can be used for other applications.


Highly pressurized water exits through the nozzle of a special pressurized hose to remove limescale deposits, oils and other materials that can cling to your sewer system.

This offers a more thorough sewer cleaning than snaking alone.

Emergency? Please Call Us Immediately: (303) 487-3663

Did you know…

fox31denverWe don’t just talk about honesty and integrity – we’ve proven it on the job.

When FOX31 conducted an unannounced, secret investigation of plumbing and heating companies in the Denver Metro, they were shocked to discover that many were overcharging customers and lying about supposedly required services.

However, Done Plumbing and Heating passed this blind test with flying colors, offering what the news station saw as fair and consistent pricing and honest advice for solving the identified issue.

We Believe Honesty Shouldn’t Be Optional.
We will never charge you for any service that isn’t necessary or wanted.

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