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When Your Toilet is Leaking, Backed Up or Broken, You Can’t Afford to Wait

Whether it’s a toilet that won’t flush or one that won’t stop flushing, toilet troubles are usually more of an inconvenient problem than a complicated one.

You can plunge, flush and tinker with your toilet if you have the time – but if you don’t know what the problem is, you’ll make a bad situation worse.

Save time and frustration – call Done Plumbing & Heating for fast, friendly service and get back to your day.

There’s no toilet repair too small

  • Backups and clogs
  • Bowls draining too slowly
  • Loose seats or broken hardware
  • Water won’t stop running
  • Leaks in the bowl
  • Replacement and installation (including equipment you’ve purchased)

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Working in no time flat!”

We had a backup problem in our upstairs toilet, and Robert came and quickly augured the toilet and had it clean and working in no time flat! He was so nice and professional; it was really gross but he handled everything perfectly. Thank you for taking care of a messy job and making things like new!

Kelly B. – Denver, CO


Professionalism in what they did and how they worked was exceptional. The added benefit of giving information to help prevent the same problem from happening again was great.

Larry E. – Boulder, CO

“Polite, courteous, knowledgeable…”

Done Plumbing was called out to my rental property regarding a leaking toilet. Bill (the technician) was at the property in a very timely manner and contacted me right away to let me know what he found.

He was very polite, courteous and knowledgeable. He was even kind enough to refer me to another company that repairs drywall damage. I had been using another plumbing company for a long time, but because of Bill, I will be using Done Plumbing in the future!

Jill B. – Denver, CO

“What are the Most Common Causes of Toilet Problems?”

Even if you have your toilet professionally repaired, it pays to understand what causes toilet problems so you can avoid them in the future.

Four of the most common reasons for toilet troubles include…

  1. Flapper Not Working Properly

    The “Flapper” is the part of your flush tank that’s connected to the chain. When you flush, the flapper is lifted up to allow water out of the tank and into the toilet bowl. If it seems like water is constantly flowing into the bowl, a loose or broken flapper is usually the culprit.
    This can happen when the chain is getting stuck on something, or when parts of the flapper are broken/loose and need to be fixed.

  2. Valve & Float Trouble

    A toilet’s valve and float regulate the water level in the tank – so if your tank is overflowing or not filling at all, these may be to blame.
    A valve that doesn’t open all the way can cause the tank not to fill high enough, or cause the toilet to run. Likewise, if the float is floating too low, the tank won’t fill enough and the toilet will run. If the float is too high, the pressure could lead to leakage through the flapper.

  3. Loose Bolts at the Back of the Seat

    If your toilet seat is shifting under you, the bolts have probably gone loose.
    This is one of those fixes that’s easy to make yourself and spare yourself a call – just give them a tightening and consider installing rubber bushings and seat stabilizers to keep things firm for the long-term.
    Other times, the stabilizers that came with your toilet can fall off, causing the seat to become unbalanced. At this point, replacing the seat might be your best option.

  4. Clogging

    We’ll spare you the messy details, but when something is clogging your toilet, water will rush up, fill the bowl and take a longer time to drain – if it drains at all! The slower the drain, the worse the clog.
    While a plunger or plumbing snake will sometimes solve the problem, there are occasions where you may have to take the whole toilet out to clear the line.

What Happens When You Call Done Plumbing & Heating?

  1. Appointment is Scheduled

    Whether you call at noon or 4:00am, your call will be answered by a real person who will discuss basic pricing, schedule your appointment for our earliest available time or on a day that’s most convenient for you.
    The dispatcher will provide you with a 2-hour window so that you can plan your day.

  2. Update & Courtesy Call

    At the beginning of your 2-hour window, our dispatch will give you a quick call to update you on a more exact time or arrival.
    Then, when your technician is on their way, dispatch will give you a call to let you know.

  3. Fixed!

    The technician will arrive, assess the issue and clearly explain all of your options. When you’ve approved the course of work, we’ll repair the problem as quickly as possible or install a new toilet to replace the toilet as necessary/requested.

  4. Final Sign-Off

    When your toilet has been properly repaired or installed, your technician will show you their work, and explain what they’ve done.
    Payment is collected on an iPad-based system that ensures you get a price that’s consistent with similar repairs, not based on who your technician is.
    Finally, we’ll give you a call after the technician has left to get your honest feedback on the experience and ensure the problem is solved.

Emergency? Please Call Us Immediately: (303) 487-3663

Did you know…

In an unannounced investigation, FOX31 tested the honesty and integrity of several Denver,CO plumbing and heating companies by seeing which ones were gouging customers or offering unnecessary services.

While an astonishing number of our competitors were caught overcharging and acting dishonestly, Done Plumbing and Heating passed the blind test on all accounts.

Our promise is proven:
We will never charge you for any service
that isn’t wanted or necessary.

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