Denver, CO | My Toilet Wont Flush, What Do I Do?

We hear this question a lot. So, I thought I would explain a few steps so that you can troubleshoot the problem.
clogged toilet fix

Use a Plunger

To use a plunger properly, make sure the bulb is fully immersed in the water and that all air is out of it before you start plunging. You can do this by slowly dipping the bulb into the water, and then making sure that your fist thrust is gentle. Too hard of an initial thrust will force the air in the bulb to rapidly escape, and splash water out of the bowl, on to you and the rest of the bathroom.
Once your first gentle thrust is done, use short quick motions while keeping the bulb firmly pressed against the drain at the bottom of the toilet bowl. 10-20 rapid successions should do the trick, but if it does not, the issue may be a little more serious.

Next Step, Get a Snake

If the plunger does not work, grab a plumbing snake. If you do not have one, most local hardware stores carry them. It should only run you about $15-$30. Once you have a snake in hand, start pushing the snake cable into the drain. Rotate the crank clockwise as you push deeper into the drain. It is also best to keep one hand close to the drain so that you can feel the snake as it hits any obstructions in the drain.
Keep pushing until it stops.
Once the snake cannot be pushed any further (it will feel like it has hit a wall), you will know that you have located the clog. Now, start turning the crank on the snake. A few turns on the crank should clear up most clogs. If it does not, it is time to look a little deeper.

Major Toilet Surgery

Many people may not be comfortable with taking apart their toilet, locating the issue, and re-assembling the toilet. To be quite honest, I am not that comfortable giving you directions on how to do it through a blog post.

The truth is that if you miss a step when putting your toilet back together, it can create much larger health hazards for your home. I advise you to hire a professional plumber at this point. If you would like us to come take a look, and find the best solution for you, please do contact us.

It is a simple as giving us one single call, a person will answer, and they will send a qualified, honest plumbing technician to come assist you.