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Lakewood-Drain-CleanersMost of us will experience this at least once in our lifetime: A clogged drain. While most of the time the first instinct is to dump chemicals down the drain, there are both professional as well as home remedies to consider when attempting to clear out your drain.

Plumber’s Snake

Plumber's-SnakeOne of the more well known plumbing tools is the plumber’s snake. A plumber’s snake is a long, rod-like device that works similarly to a fishing pole. It is inserted into the toilet or drain where it then can hook the clog and remove it from the drain. With using a plumber snake, it’s important to understand how to properly use it. You must understand that unprofessional ones are often to short to reach the clog while professional snakes can reach up to 25 feet. Also, if the operator is not trained, it is not uncommon for the porcelain to be scraped, chipped, or damaged in the process.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical-CleanersUsually found underneath many sinks, the chemical cleaner is the most simple drain cleaning solution. But as with most things, if the chemical cleaner was as simple as it is projected, most plumbing companies would cease to exist. Unfortunately most chemical cleaners that are available in stores suffer from many flaws and often pass as insufficient. The main purpose of chemical cleaners is to break through the clog and allow water to pass but more often than not the cleaner will simply pass through the clog leaving it untouched. While most newer products are safe for your family and environment, some unprofessional cleaners often contain harmful chemicals and the “green” products tend to be very weak.


HydroJettingOne of the best options to clear a blockage is HydroJetting. These are very similar to power washers and uses extremely high pressured water to remove grime and blockage. A plumbing company can simply insert a HydroJetter into the blocked drain and spray through the blockage, dislodging it while the additional nozzles on the side will remove any blocking materials on the side that could possibly become a clog in the future. HydroCleaning should only be performed by a professional with the correct equipment.

Drain Cleaners in Lakewood

Done Plumbing & Heating specializes in safe and accurate ways of correctly removing a drain blockage. Using only professional and effective methods, we are able to clear your drains and have them working in tip top shape once again. If you currently live in Lakewood and are in need of a Lakewood drain cleaner, contact us today at Done Plumbing & Heating to set up an appointment today.

Lakewood Water Heater RepairIn today’s households, water heaters constitute a hefty part of the electricity bill, about 15-25% of all energy. There are currently two typical types of storage tank or tank-less water heaters available today: gas and electric. It will be important to carefully decide which one you should invest in while keeping a few things in mind as well: the supply outlet or pipeline in your home, the space that it will occupy, the level of usage, and which it will be operated with.

Gas Water Heaters

As you can probably tell from the name, gas heaters primarily use natural gases to heat water. A small chamber is filled with water and heated with the help of burning the natural gas or liquid petroleum gas. Most of these heaters were used long before the invention of electrical appliances and even still today, many sophisticated gas water heaters are still in use. Natural gas, which happens to be a cheaper source of fuel, and the cost that is incurred is much lower when compared to other sources.

Advantages of a Gas Water Heater

Electric Water Heaters

In households today, electric water heaters are becoming increasingly more common due simply to their convenience. The main principle of electric water heaters is quite simple and is used very commonly throughout the world. A copper coil is used to transform the given electricity into heat electricity. While different modifications have taken affect throughout time, the basic principle stays the same.

Advantages of an Electric Water Heater

Water Heater Repair in Lakewood, CO

Things break, that’s a factor of life. Nothing is unbreakable and things wear down overtime. If you live in the Lakewood area and are in need of a water heater repair, whether it be gas or electric, contact us today at Done Plumbing & Heating to receive a quote!

HVAC-in-Lakewood-ColoradoHVAC, which stands for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning, is most commonly known as “climate control”. HVAC is commonly used for larger scaled buildings such as skyscrapers generally because it aids in managing the interior temperature of larger sized buildings. The main purpose of an HVAC system is to create a high quality, indoor air environment, maintain the temperature control, and especially to provide a cost effective system for consumers. HVAC systems began in the industrial revolution and were created to promote a higher quality heating and cooling system. HVAC systems are also used to regulate different atmospheres based on their humidity and temperature control such as an indoor aquarium. HVAC systems will use the air within the room to distribute and deliver as well as remove air from different spaces. To understand an HVAC system, it’s important that you understand the different components of hearing, ventilation, and air conditioning.


Heating is the process of bringing heat through a variety of spaces through different sources. Heating systems generally refer to the way of air, water, or steam usually heated by a boiler, furnace, or heat pump followed by distributing heated air throughout the space. The heating system requires use of a duct or piping system to deliver the air throughout the dedicated space.


Ventilation is simply the process of removing or even changing the air within a given space to either create a different temperature or to remove or reduce moisture, odors, smoke dust, and airborne bacteria. Ventilation systems will bring in air from an outside source into a circulation system to replace the air within the space. There are currently two types of ventilation: natural and forced.

Air Conditioning

Simply said, air conditioning is the process of removing heat from a dedicated area. You can remove heat by using a type of refrigerant such as water, ice, air, or other different cooling chemicals with the help of convection, radiation, and conduction.

HVAC Services in Lakewood

Done-Plumbing-HVACAre you currently in need or know someone who is in need of a new or perhaps a repair of a HVAC system in the Lakewood metro area? Here at Done Plumbing & Heating, we specialize in HVAC services. We offer HVAC instillation for buildings such as homes to large office buildings. If you need to cool down or perhaps warm up, contact us today at Done Plumbing & Heating to see about having an HVAC system installed in your home or office today!
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