Denver, CO | Can My Tree’s Roots Pose a Problem to Pipes and Plumbing?

Can My Tree's Roots Pose a Problem to Pipes and PlumbingSimple answer? Most definitely. Any singular fissure or crack in your pipes will send a welcoming message to the tree roots to come right on in. Tendrils, that resemble spider webs, will reach down and spread out its roots. Roots and plumbing can become a huge issue if not taken care as soon as the root of the problem (pun intended) is discovered.

How to Remove Roots From Plumbing

Mechanical Removal

One of the more common solutions in root removal is using a mechanical auger. With the mechanical auger, a powered sewer auger is sent down the plumbing line with a rotating spiral head. The head, which has teeth similar to a saw blade, cuts down the roots. While this may initially clear the sewer line, this may not solve the problem entirely. The roots may be cut down but the remaining stub will release new tendrils restarting the process once again.

Chemical Solutions

In order to solve the root of the problem, you have to actually remove the root itself. One of these options is to opt out for chemical solutions. With a chemical such as copper sulfate crystals, they are 100% effective because the copper within the crystals will create a poisonous zone within the soil. Any roots that attempt to penetrate the pipe will be immediately killed. Another type of chemical to consider would be a foaming agent such as RootX. With this chemical, the solution will foam inside the pipe and coat the top preventing any roots whatsoever.


Similar to removing a plumbing clog, another option to clear out your pipes is hydrojetting. A hydrojetter uses high powered water, producing up to 4,000psi. This is an effective but more expensive option.


If you believe or know that any roots have broken into your pipes or plumbing, contact us today at Done Plumbing and Heating for different removal solutions today.