Air Conditioner Basics: How They Work and How To Buy One in Denver, CO

For a consumer, nothing is worse than spending money to buy things you don’t understand. Your hard-earned cash should always go towards informed purchases, and at Done Plumbing & Heating, we understand that HVAC systems are not exactly the simplest of machines to understand. If you’re finding it difficult to select an air conditioning system for your home, don’t fret; here is a rundown of all that you should know.

How It Works

Like a refrigerator, but for more than just leftovers. Like the trusty kitchen appliance, air conditioners rely on the shifting temperature and pressure of Freon, the refrigerant that flows through the machine’s coils. It all starts at the compressor, which does as its name suggests and raises the pressure of Freon. This propels the hot gas through a series of coils, which are in contact with air, cooling the Freon down and liquefying it.

With its remaining pressure, the cold liquid Freon enables the mechanisms responsible for cooling your home. In the process of lowering the indoor temperature, the Freon will absorb as much heat as it can from the air, turning it into hot, low-pressure gas before returning to the compressor and starting the process anew.

What You Need

You only need to consider three things when shopping for an AC unit: capacity, efficiency, and reliability. A simple way of measuring these three is by checking your machine’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The current minimum ratio allowed by law is 13, but we would not recommend going past 16 if you wish to get the most out of your money, since costs are quick to go up even with the diminishing returns on savings.

You may also refer to our technicians in determining the perfect unit for your home, since Done Plumbing & Heating is a factory-authorized dealer for Carrier. Our partnership with one of the most trusted HVAC system manufacturers in the world is just another way for us to provide services in addition to air conditioner repair in Denver.

Don’t hesitate to ask any of our staff for assistance when it comes to HVAC unit selection. Each machine is a major investment, and we strive to ensure that every purchase is for customers who are fully knowledgeable and confident in their decision.

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