Accident Report

First Steps

  • Remain Calm
  • Get to a safe place
  • Check for injuries
  • Administer First Aid
  • Call Police/EMT

  • “It’s all my fault (even if it is)
  • “My insurance will pay for everything”
  • “It’s OK, I have full coverage”
  • While Still On-Site

  • Get as much information as possible on this report

  • Take Pictures (EMAIL TO MICHELLE)
  • When the police arrive, cooperate and tell them what you know

  • Accident Details

    Technician Name & Truck #
    Accident Date

    Time of Accident

    Weather/Road Conditions
    Location of Accident


    Your Vehicle

    Other Vehicle(s)

    Additional Information/Description of Accident

    Pictures Required

    Send to after completing form. If multiple vehicles involved, get pictures from all!

     Pictures of all vehicles/property involved in accident (including yours)

     Pictures of vehicle(s) licence plate(s)

     Picture of all other drivers insurance cards

     Picture of all other drivers vehicle registrations

     Picture of all other drivers licences

     Picture of police officer's card (INCLUDING CASE NUMBER)

     Pictures Emailed To Michelle