Done Plumbing & Heating Scholarship Contest


Done Plumbing & Heating is offering a $500 scholarship for students living in the United States who are inspired by DIY, hands-on tasks. The scholarship will be awarded to the the applicant who best meets the requirements below.


You must be 18 years or older to participate. You also must be able to provide proof of enrollment in a trade school, University, or other collegiate organization.

Contest Guidelines

We are looking for an original DIY project that relates to your job of interest. Specifically, you must create a DIY video tutorial that helps illustrate your process from beginning to end.

You Will Be Judged On:

Creativity, usefulness, and feasibility. To help guide you, ask yourself, “Is it original? Is is beneficial to others? Will other people be able to understand its use, and how to build it?”

How to Apply

1. Create a DIY video tutorial that shows the viewer how to complete a task or project.
2.Upload it to YouTube.
3.Send us the URL of your posted video to Be sure to include your name, proof of enrollment, and your area of study.


December, 31 2014
A winner will be selected by: January 31, 2015

Have Fun!

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